Speak up. You have the floor.

The quality of a solution often relies on a company’s willingness to listen to their consumers. Tripwire provides a venue for you to speak up.

Tripwire User Groups

Join us at a Tripwire User Group (TUG), where users like you showcase success stories, engage in technical discussion on key product capabilities and learn about new product developments.

There are many benefits to participating in a Tripwire User Group:

  • Get answers, advice, tips, and suggestions from experienced users
  • Discover new ideas and gain insight from other Tripwire customers
  • Network with technical professionals in your area
  • Provide feedback directly to Tripwire product management staff
  • Be part of the leading edge of Tripwire users

TUG events provide in-depth presentations from experienced Tripwire product users and experts from Tripwire that focus on helping you use Tripwire products more effectively. User groups are hosted by Tripwire customers who meet to discuss and share information on a variety of technical topics. Participation in a user group is an excellent, inexpensive way to receive technical content and education, and to meet with your peers to get more out of your Tripwire products.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will benefit from attending TUG meetings and sharing information, experiences and expertise with like-minded customers.

Fun. Informal. Informative. Free.

Not finding a Tripwire User Group in your area? TUGs are just coming together all over North America and Europe. We invite you to join us in creating these new communities and nurturing their success. All skill levels are welcome. Please contact to request a TUG come to a city near you!


Minneapolis ICS Roundtable

Apr 11, 2017 – Minneapolis, MN

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Milwaukee ICS Roundtable

Apr 12, 2017 – Milwaukee, WI

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Columbus ICS Roundtable

Apr 18, 2017 – Columbus, OH

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Louisville ICS Roundtable

Apr 19, 2017 – Louisville, KY

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Detroit ICS Roundtable

Apr 20, 2017 – Detroit, MI

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Cleveland ICS Roundtable

Apr 20, 2017 – Cleveland, OH

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St. Louis ICS Roundtable

May 2, 2017 – St. Louis, MO

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Kansas City ICS Roundtable

May 3, 2017 – Kansas City, MO

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Tripwire Energy User Group

May 11 - 12, 2017 – New Orleans, LA

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Chicago ICS Roundtable

May 16, 2017 – Chicago, IL

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Indianapolis ICS Roundtable

May 17, 2017 – Indianapolis, IN

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