Tripwire Leadership

Gus Malezis

Gus Malezis


Gus began his career in technology 30 years ago with roles at companies including Merisel, 3Com and McAfee. In 2005, he joined nCircle as Vice President of Worldwide Sales and retained that role at Tripwire following its acquisition of nCircle in 2013.

Mr. Malezis’s ability to successfully lead organizations in the ultra-competitive vulnerability and security configuration management at nCircle made him a natural fit to lead Tripwire’s next phase of growth. Mr. Malezis attributes the exponential growth he’s delivered during his tenure with Tripwire to first rate products and services, along with a world-class sales organization.

Gus loves photography, hiking, and sports involving speed, but not necessarily in that order. He is happiest when building things – wood pieces, metal works, and, naturally, business teams.

Gus is extremely curious and his desire to pull things apart to understand how they work has served him well in his professional life. He ripped apart every watch and clock his parents had and was generally able to successfully reassemble them with only a few parts left over.

Gus is a terrible spectator, so save those great event tickets for someone else; unless of course you need him to jump in and assist with some stubborn complication.

Dave Dickison

Dave Dickison

Vice President, Worldwide Sales

Dave has an extensive background in sales, starting his career in 1983 after earning a B.S. in Computer Management and Finance from Eastern Illinois University. Dave worked for McAfee Inc., in a number of roles, including Vice President of Sales and the Senior Vice President of North American Channel Sales. His ability to drive sales productivity and develop profitable strategies for sales teams took him to Wind River, where he served as Vice President of Global Accounts, and then to VMware Inc., where he was Area Vice President. In 2014, Dave began his tenure with the senior sales leadership team at Tripwire.

Dave loves the reward of being part of high performance sales teams like the one Tripwire has built. He thrives on being a trusted advisor and building strong customer relationships that solve real business problems. He has a competitive spirit and is willing to try new approaches and methods because winning ultimately makes our customers successful.

Dave spent his youth as an accomplished equestrian hunter and jumper; he started riding horses competitively at the age of six. One of his early jobs was a hot walker and exercise boy at Arlington Park. Although he would like to be a golfer, Dave’s free time is usually spent at his kids’ sporting events or as a competitive 5K runner – he typically finishes local runs in his hometown in the top five or six in his age category. He also loves to travel and hopes to eventually visit all of the National Parks.

Dave strongly prefers his hotdogs and hamburgers sans any condiments, so if you invite him to a cookout, be sure to serve his burger perfectly plain.

Dwayne Melançon

Dwayne Melançon

Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, Research & Development

Dwayne entered the tech industry as a support analyst, and he hasn’t slowed down since. In addition to holding positions at Symantec and DirectWeb, he contributed to the Visible Ops Handbook and the Visible Ops Security Handbook, which required him to work with researchers from Carnegie Mellon, the University of Florida, the University of Oregon and the IT Process Institute.

Dwayne holds CISA and ITIL certifications and is a member of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) and IT Service Management Forum (itSMF).

Dwayne believes that Tripwire and its employees have the opportunity to make a difference in the global level of cyber security. When he’s not busy fighting cybercrime, he meets with as many customers as he can to foster a deep understanding of their problems and collaborate with them on practical, real-world solutions.

Dwayne credits his considerable professional success to his genuine curiosity about the world and how it works. He revels in ambiguity and adapts quickly. The word “panic” is not in his vocabulary, and he is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get dirty.

Prior to his technology career, Dwayne spent six years working as a professional radio announcer in Louisiana, with two of those years spent in a plane reporting on traffic conditions.

In his free time, Dwayne volunteers at a Boy Scout ranch in Oregon, where he participates once or twice a year in a “horse trek,” which involves moving a herd of 70 horses nearly 200 miles through the Cascade Mountains.

At one point in Dwayne’s eclectic past, the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Herbie Hancock were calling him for Mac tech advice.

If Dwayne could magically gain any ability, he would like to time travel – both backwards and forwards – to study the impact of small changes to the time continuum. Oh, and he’d also bring back a bunch of cheap gold and vintage comic books.

David Meltzer

David Meltzer

Chief Research Officer and Vice President, Corporate Development

David began building commercial security products in 1996, in the middle of the eight years it took him to get a B.S. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University. He has a strong entrepreneurial focus, having founded two venture-funded technology companies, and served as Founder, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Executive Officer at both those firms. This included Cambia Security, where he built the software that became Tripwire’s CCM. Cambia was acquired by nCircle, where he continued as Vice President of Engineering and CTO, and he has continued to hold senior leadership positions at Tripwire since its acquisition of nCircle in 2013.

David is laser-focused on innovation. He enjoys taking an idea and working through the entire process required to take it from concept to a commercial product. At Tripwire he has focused his unique talent for building products from soup to nuts on solutions that address the most sophisticated cybersecurity challenges facing the company’s diverse customer base.

David is a home theater nut who admits to researching and buying many new electronic devices that he loses interest in soon after he owns them. His local UPS driver has ranked his house the #1 Amazon delivery destination in his neighborhood. He is a huge Atlanta Hawks fan, but because he spends most of the season going to visit Tripwire customers and speaking at industry events, he misses most of the home games.

David’s early start in programming – he started writing software at age 10 – did come at a cost. He is the least handy person you will ever meet. He once broke a light fixture attempting to change the bulb, and the first and last time he attempted to power wash something, he stripped away all of the wood from his deck.

Rod Murchison

Rod Murchison

Vice President, Product Management

Rod has held executive roles in product management, engineering and marketing at companies such as Narus, a Boeing subsidiary; Juniper; NetScreen; and Blue Coat. He is also a member of the advisory board for the College of Information Sciences & Technology at Penn State University.

Rod has helped incubate and fund several start-ups and holds multiple patents in security, digital media and authentication/authorization.

He uses a very direct management style to empower key employees to achieve success. In his experience, this translates directly into company growth. He also enjoys working with employees across the entire company to accelerate Tripwire's emergence as a market leader.

In his free time, Rod is an avid open water swimmer, and he routinely tackles impressively long swims in the San Francisco Bay. Swim Across America is one of his favorite events, raising money and awareness for cancer research, prevention and treatment through swimming-related events.

When he’s not dodging sharks, seals and tankers, you can find him playing the guitar and drums – and sometimes the bagpipes if there’s enough beer or scotch involved.

Rod has only "one speed" – fast. If you go somewhere with him, be prepared to keep up with his pace, especially at airports.

Jeff Simon

Jeff Simon

Vice President, Customer Services

Throughout Jeff’s career his top priority and focus has been on helping customers be successful with technology solutions. At Tripwire, Jeff leads the global customer services department comprised of highly talented individuals that play a key role in understanding the challenges customers face and delivering innovative solutions. Prior to joining Tripwire, Jeff held executive positions with InfoQuest Solutions, Serena Software, Zoho, and International Game Technology.

Jeff views customers as partners and believes no request, is too large or small. Many of Tripwire’s innovative solutions are born and developed through strong, collaborative customer relationships and are then developed and nurtured by his customer services team. Jeff’s most satisfying moments at Tripwire involve receiving unsolicited calls or emails from customers lauding his team members for specific contributions to their success.

Jeff spends most off his free time with his children and says there is nothing more satisfying than watching them learn and grow. He also enjoys golf, water sports, snowboarding, cycling, and pursuing the making of the perfect pizza. Jeff owns a couple of guitars, and hopes to learn how to play them well one of these days. When he does, he won’t be singing along as his children (and dog) have made it clear this is not one of his talents.

Ian Williams

Ian Williams

Vice President, Human Resources

Ian Williams has 25 years of experience in HR and 15 of those have been in the software industry including stints with CA and Symantec.

Ian believes Tripwire’s culture has the perfect combination of attributes for growth because employees consistently comment on the amazingly talented people they work with and the supportive and caring environment. In his role as head of HR, Ian realizes that no one is perfectly rounded so he focuses on helping people maximize their best qualities.

A Welshman, Ian relocated to the US from the UK 5 years ago. He is very happy in Portland given the fantastic beer and food available at every turn. Ian finds humor in most situations, no matter how difficult they appear. This is fortunate since he also loves traveling, even though he is notoriously bad at navigation. In fact, he has been known to use GPS to get himself home from the office on occasion.