Brightfilter Implements Tripwire to Enhance Online Security as Part of PCI Compliance Drive

London, England - Sep 23, 2009 - Tripwire®, the leader in data center compliance and Brightfilter, a provider of web filtering software and hosting services to homes, schools and e-retailers, has placed an order with data centre compliance vendor, Tripwire, for its Tripwire Express for PCI solution. The Tripwire software will enable Brightfilter’s customers who are purchasing and downloading its web filtering software products online to complete safe and secure online credit card payments, protecting sensitive cardholder data from theft and fraud. In addition, Brightfilter is responsible for hosting and managing the websites of a number of major e-retailers and it will also be using Tripwire to safely process credit card transactions on these websites.


Neil Curran, Chief Operating Officer at Brightfilter, says, "We are in the business of providing software that protects children when they are surfing the Internet, and therefore it is paramount that our own security processes are watertight when it comes to online credit card payments. Tripwire is a cost-effective, proven solution that meets all of our PCI requirements right out of the box and safeguards our customers’ credit card information at all times. This means there is never a chance of cardholder data falling into the wrong hands."

Curran continues, "PCI compliance was a major driver – both for our own web filtering products and also for our e-retail hosting business activities. At the moment, many retailers are still not putting enough focus on PCI compliance which means they are in danger of a major security breach. Every retailer has a burglar alarm above the front door of their shop on the high-street; Tripwire is simply applying the same level of security control to the Internet, providing an online alarm that will alert you to any suspicious activity."

Tripwire Express automatically detects unauthorised, non-compliant change to systems and virtual environments affected by PCI DSS and immediately alerts IT staff so that exceptions to its change and release management policies can be immediately investigated and addressed. This approach enables online retailers to better manage risk by providing continuous, automated compliance across their environments, ensuring consistent compliance with the PCI DSS.

Tripwire provides rules to detect changes to the critical system, configuration or content files for a broad range of standard infrastructure and applications (as required by PCI DSS specification 11.5). In the event that customers need professional support, they can rely on a team of PCI-qualified specialists that can help onsite or remotely. Tripwire Express for PCI is based on industry-leading technology, and backed by the company that invented file integrity monitoring.

Curran concludes, "The Banks are stepping up their drive to ensure that retailers are PCI compliant and many retailers will come under increasing pressure to adhere to PCI standards during the course of this year. Hackers are now deliberately targeting the e-retail sector and trying to compromise e-retail websites as these are some of the most frequently visited websites by consumers. Yet many e-retailers still have a lot of work to do to ensure that their websites meet the latest PCI requirements."