bwin Makes a Sure Bet, Proves PCI Compliance with Tripwire Enterprise

Portland, OR - May 5, 2009 - bwin, the world's leading online gaming entertainment provider, has implemented Tripwire Enterprise to help automate compliance with multiple regulations and enhance both its system security and availability. By enforcing its process controls, bwin has also grown its operational maturity, bringing information security, IT operations and its dynamic business in sync, supporting the goal to continue to introduce online services that are safe, secure, and reliable for the greatest customer confidence and loyalty.


As a multi-national company, bwin manages millions of financial transactions, and acts as a custodian of funds used for sports betting, poker and gaming. The company is also a retailer of online streaming of sporting events, and a credit card processor and provider. This puts bwin in the position of operating much like a bank in some areas, and of being subject to more frequent scrutiny to ensure the security of customer data. In addition, bwin strictly adheres to the European E-Commerce Directive, protecting its customer data from possible loss, manipulation, unauthorized access by third-parties, and other threats.

"It is not uncommon for the online gaming industry to be audited several times in a single year," said Kevin O'Neal, Press Officer at bwin. "With Tripwire, we passed our PCI audit in record time, able to prove to our assessor that all changes to our systems are continuously monitored and authorized. This assures both auditors and customers that confidential data remains safe. Tripwire also helps us remain compliant with other directives, due to their understanding of the role that configuration control plays in a multi-complaint world."

While Tripwire Enterprise was initially implemented to help bwin achieve PCI compliance on servers processing confidential member data, it is now used across the company to enhance security and enforce change management policies. This has helped improve system availability for services that never sleep: bwin operates 24/7.

"bwin is a great example of how companies can use Tripwire Enterprise for multiple purposes across entire systems," said Dan Schoenbaum, COO, Products at Tripwire. "At the core of compliance, change auditing, file integrity monitoring and configuration management is the need to know 'what changed.' Tripwire provides that information quickly and efficiently, helping IT managers improve overall business operations."

About the bwin Group
The bwin Group has over 20 million registered customers in more than 25 core markets. On a number of different platforms, the Group offers sports betting, poker, casino games, soft and skill games, as well as audio and video streams of top sporting events such as the German Soccer League. The holding company bwin Interactive Entertainment AG is listed in the ATX on the Vienna Stock Exchange (ID code BWIN, Reuters ID code BWIN.VI), and as the parent company provides various services such as software development, marketing, communications, human resources and finance for its subsidiaries and associated companies. The operational business of the bwin Group is carried out by subsidiaries and associated companies on the basis of licences (e.g. Germany, Italy and Gibraltar). Full details about the Company can be found on its investor relations website at