Connectria® Adopts Tripwire to Maintain Customer Confidence and Reliance on Hosting Systems

Portland, OR - Jun 8, 2009 - Tripwire®, the market leader in configuration control solutions, announced today that Connectria Corporation, a global managed hosting and data center services provider, has adopted Tripwire Enterprise to support security and compliance processes across all of their world-class data center locations. The net result for the company is increased system availability and customer satisfaction.


Two of Connectria's strong differentiators are its high degree of security and cost-efficiency.  With partners such as Cisco, Dell, Lotus and VMware, it is important to establish proactive solutions that continue to mitigate risk. Tripwire Enterprise provides automated detection, enhanced file integrity monitoring, compliance assessments and remediation processes for any change or configuration that seems suspect or at risk for non-compliance.

"Our customers rely on us for the highest degree of IT security and compliance from a centrally managed data center," said Rich Waidmann, President and CEO, Connectria, Inc.  "With Tripwire, we can enable our customers to meet their audit requirements, while maintaining optimum system security and availability levels."

Several of Connectria's customers have business and audit requirements that require they have historical security audit data available to them. Tripwire gives Connectria a state-of-the-art server security solution with the ability to create individual secure logins on a per customer basis. This allows Connectria's customers to have immediate access to their data without any assignment of Connectria resources. This keeps the process efficient and secure for all of Connectria's customers.

"Connectria continues its legacy of being proactive in mitigating risk, a policy that has helped it secure the biggest names in technology among its customer base," said Dan Schoenbaum, COO of Products at Tripwire, Inc. "Tripwire Enterprise will help Connectria maintain its reputation for secure and compliant data centers."

About Connectria
Connectria is a profitable and growing global provider of managed hosting and data center services. Connectria offers an array of services, including managed hosting, disaster recovery, remote monitoring, custom software development and engineering consulting. A privately held company, Connectria has built its business through reinvesting profits and without any debt or equity financing. Connectria operates world-class Data Centers, Network Operations Centers, and Engineering Centers located in St. Louis, Missouri and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  From these facilities, Connectria operates as a virtual extension of its clients' IT organizations.