Kyocera Communication Systems Supplies Tripwire Enterprise PCI DSS Solution to ECONTEXT

Portland, OR - May 28, 2009 - Kyocera Communication Systems Co., Ltd. (KCCS) announces that it has deployed the Tripwire Enterprise change control solution from Tripwire Japan K.K. at Digital Garage, Inc. ECONTEXT Company (ECONTEXT), one of the largest e-commerce settlement businesses.


ECONTEXT has been in full conformity with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) since December 2008. This international information security standard is intended to protect card member data in the credit card industry. Full conformity to PCI DSS includes fulfilling PCI DSS Requirement 11.5, which is to "deploy file integrity monitoring software." ECONTEXT has adopted the Tripwire Enterprise change control solution to meet this requirement.

Conforming to PCI DSS and maintaining that status requires a suitable amount of time and cost. With its audit date rapidly approaching, ECONTEXT sought a change control solution that would help it to minimize the time and cost to attain and maintain compliance with Requirement 11.5.

ECONTEXT was impressed that Tripwire Enterprise is the world’s leading change control solution and satisfies Requirement 11.5, and furthermore selected KCCS as its integrator because of that company’s extensive experience deploying this product. The speedy deployment support provided by KCCS and Tripwire Japan enabled a rapid cutover of just two weeks after the order was received, during which time deployment and operation design work for Tripwire Enterprise was completed and a report written created, all of which brought ECONTEXT into full conformity with PCI DSS.

Tripwire Enterprise monitors changes to a system and detects and reports unauthorized changes. The product automates configuration analysis and file integrity monitoring while strengthening security and simultaneously solving compliance evidence and availability enhancement issues. The solution also comes with policy templates designed especially for PCI DSS use. These templates can be used to evaluate whether systems are in compliance with standards. And since it additionally keeps a history of test results, it clearly understands the system status at all times and maintains a state of compliance. Since an audit trail is automatically generated, users can readily respond to audits and prepare reports.

In addition to using Tripwire Enterprise to comply with Requirement 11.5, ECONTEXT will be deploying this solution on servers not subject to PCI DSS to increase the security of its overall internal infrastructure.

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About Digital Garage, Inc. ECONTEXT Company
ECONTEXT was founded in 2000 and became a leader in e-commerce payment and distribution services as a next-generation e-commerce gateway, seamlessly linking consumers and e-commerce businesses. It merged with its current parent company Digital Garage in October 2008 and now provides an entire range of solutions for building IT, running promotions and settling payments as a "Hybrid Solution Partner."  For more information, see the Digital Garage web site at

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