Tripwire Enterprise scores with B.I.S.S. MiFID Accreditation

London, UK - Dec 16, 2008 - B.I.S.S. Research, the exclusive research company offering a unique benchmarking of services and systems in the financial services sector, today announced that Tripwire Enterprise has achieved the B.I.S.S. MiFID Accreditation.


Gary Wright, C.E.O., B.I.S.S. Research and creator of the B.I.S.S. business benchmarking concept said "This is an outstanding result for Tripwire; Tripwire Enterprise has proven to have a truly great value for financial services firms by increasing security with an audit of systems that produces heightened business continuity, important in compliance with MiFID.

MiFID has caused financial services to change many of their systems to accommodate new market and data requirements and build links to the many new trading venues. This is putting strain on systems and people at a time when the financial crisis is depleting budgets. Tripwire Enterprise brings more organisation into the change control of systems, managing unintended detrimental impacts caused by system enhancements.

The financial crisis will increase the need for contractors to get financial services firms through a period of downsizing but it is also likely there will be a necessity for mass systems change. The control and audit ability of these developments and the business continuity of financial systems is an underlying requirement imbedded within MiFID compliance. In this environment Tripwire Enterprise has strategic importance to the I.T. managers, bringing measurable control, allowing systems to increase their uptime thus meeting the requirements of MiFID.

The B.I.S.S. Benchmarking report available from highlights not only these capabilities as part of the business continuity value of Tripwire Enterprise but also its ability to assist in the compliance of corporate policy, resulting in increased systems availability and therefore client’s services.

The independent industry benchmarking panel scored Tripwire Enterprise highly as unique software that has intrinsic importance in I.T. management control.

We are delighted that Tripwire Enterprise has achieved B.I.S.S. MiFID accreditation. B.I.S.S. Research recommends that financial services firms examine this product as a system of enormous, immediate and future value."

Robert Kidd, General Manager, EMEA, Tripwire, said "We are very pleased to have received the BISS MiFID accreditation and this demonstrates to regulated entities that the Tripwire solution is key to enabling change control within the IT infrastructure. Tripwire software monitors servers and network devices for file integrity, and promptly reports any deviation or change to responsible personnel. With Tripwire, regulated entities can easily meet requirements for MiFID compliance, and gain the business benefits of increased data security, easier overall regulatory compliance and improved IT service reliability."

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