Tripwire to Host Webcast on Building Effective Vulnerability Management Programs

Security leader to provide advice on reducing critical systems risk

PORTLAND, Ore. — November 12, 2014 Tripwire, Inc., a global provider of advanced threat, security and compliance solutions, today announced a new webcast titled “Five Steps to an Effective Vulnerability Management Program.” The webcast will take place at 11:00 a.m. PST on Wednesday, November 19, 2014.

The year 2014 has been plagued by expansive, high profile zero-day exploits and vulnerabilities, including Heartbleed, Bash Shellshock, POODLE, Sandworm and others. According to the NTT Innovation Institute’s 2014 Global Threat Intelligence Report, organizations are four times more likely to be subjected to exploit kit attacks if they lack mature vulnerability management programs.

Join David Lennon, director of professional services at Lumeta, and Bryce Schroeder, senior director of systems engineering at Tripwire, for an in-depth discussion of the five most important steps for building an effective vulnerability management program. 

Webcast attendees will learn key steps in the implementation an effective vulnerability management program including:

  • Ensure the greatest scanning coverage for employee-owned mobile devices (BYOD) on enterprise networks.
  • Intelligently prioritize vulnerabilities to reduce risk on critical systems.
  • Identify, inventory and fingerprint assets.

To register for the webcast, or for additional information, please visit:

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