Energy Enterprise of Things Study

Energy IT Professionals: Which IoT devices are you most concerned about being targeted by cybercriminals?
None of the Above 34%
Industrial controllers 9%
Energy IT Professionals: Are you confident in the secure configuration of the IoT devices on your organizations' network?
I am not confident 33%
I not confident 12%
Energy IT Professionals: Which security controls are you currently using to protect IoT devices:
Other 11%
Scanning employee home networks for vulnerabilities 12%
Continuous vulnerability scanning 47%
Detailed log and event alerts and analysis 38%
Device quarantine 38%
Network segmentation 30%
Energy Executives: Do you have the technology necessary to adequately evaluate the security of IoT devices?
No visibility into protection levels 20%
25% protected 2%
50% protected 11%
75% protected 43%
100% protected 25%
The deployment of IoT is ahead of the security technology needed to protect it.
Energy Executives 65%
All Executives 56%
How far behind is security technology?
  Finance IT Professionals Retail IT Professionals Energy IT Professionals
Security will never catch up with technology innovation 17% 38% 31%
36 months or more 3% 0% 0%
24 months 37% 17% 21%
12 months 43% 45% 48%