UK Retail & Financial Survey

Can your organization detect a breach within 48 hours?
Can your organization detect a breach within 48 hours? All Survey Retail Only
Yes 65% 61%
No 35% 39%
How well protected is customer data in your organization?
Very well protected 56%
Protection could be better 44%
How important is PCI compliance to your overall security program?
It's the backbone of our security program 43%
It's about half our security program 36%
It's just one piece of our security program 17%
PCI compliance sets the bar too low to be a key part of our security program 4%
Has your company ever suffered a data breach where Personally Identifiable Information (PII) was stolen or accessed by intruders
Yes 24%
No 66%
Not Sure 10%
Are you confident in your security incident response plan in wake of the data breach that recently affected Target?
Yes 64%
No 36%
How confident are you that your security controls can detect malicious applications?
Very confident 45%
Somewhat confident 51%
Not confident at all 4%
Has the Target breach increased the level of attention executives give security in your organisation?
Yes 60%
No 40%