US Retail Survey

How quickly would your organization detect a data breach on critical systems?
Not confident that we can detect critical systems breaches quickly 20%
Within three months 1%
Within a month 7%
Within a week 11%
Within 72 hours or less 60%
How confident are you that your security controls can detect rogue applications (such as those used to exfiltrate data)?
Not at all confident 18%
Somewhat confident 47%
Very confident 35%
The recent breach of Target's systems has affected the level of attention that executives in my company give to security.
All Retailers 70%
Online Only 57%
How do you evaluate the security of business partners in your supply chain?
We don’t evaluate the security of our business partners 26%
We ask for web and vulnerability scan reports of their networks on a regular basis 12%
Our contract requires “best effort” to protect our sensitive data 28%
We review compliance and audit reports when we sign the contract 35%