Tripwire Community Support Is
a Corporate Objective

Tripwire recognizes its role as a member in a larger community, both locally and globally, and is committed to ‘giving back.’ The company shows this dedication in donations and fundraising, through mentorship and by actively participating in community programs.

Just a few examples of Tripwire’s involvement:

  • Entrepreneurs Foundation of the Northwest (EFNW)
  • Tripwire ‘adopted’ King Elementary School, providing all supplies to a Head-Start classroom and each of its students.
  • Rehabilitating homes for low-income Americans through Habitat for Humanity.
  • Doernbecher Childrens Hospital’s cancer research fundraising
  • Maggie’s Night Cancer Caring Centre. Tripwire’s International team supports community involvement in the UK through fundraising and a 20-mile overnight hike.

All Tripwire employees are encouraged to volunteer in these or any community activity of their choice and are given one volunteer Paid Time Off day per month in which to do so.

Top-down Suppport

As CEO, Jim Johnson has set an example for the company by being actively involved and a consistent contributor to the Oregon community. He received the Oregon State University Distinguished Citizen Award at the June 2001 Commencement for this community work. Following his lead, Tripwire employees have returned more than $23,000 to the community though a combination of donated goods, money, and volunteer time. In 2007 their community work was recognized by Oregon Monthly magazine’s annual Light a Fire Award.

In addition Jim Johnson pilots for Angel Flight West, a group that provides free transportation to medical treatment for people who cannot afford public transportation, or who cannot tolerate it for health reasons. In conjunction with EFNW, Jim has promised donations to local non-profits should the company have a liquidity event, such as an acquisition or IPO.