Tripwire sustainability sports a proven
track record of green initiatives

Tripwire is dedicated to sustainable practices. The company planned for responsible resource management from the ground up. Tripwire’s location—in the heart of downtown Portland—was itself a sustainability decision, making the city’s vaunted public transportation system more accessible to employees. To achieve its sustainability goals, Tripwire worked with BEST Business Center, a partnership of city and regional government programs and energy providers that help businesses make their operations greener.

Tripwire’s new test lab and server room features a highly efficient cooling system and technologies intended to reduce the lab’s carbon footprint. Utilizing Energy Star brands in the server room, Tripwire has been able to reduce energy costs within the data center.

Tripwire didn’t stop at the data center. Combining natural light with other office material solutions, including recycled flooring materials, recyclable fabrics and hard surface areas—Tripwire created a greener environment. In addition, recycling centers focus on composting and the use of less wasteful materials. In fact, the lunchroom underwent a “green transformation” in which paper and plastic goods were replaced with recycled or reuseable alternatives and ‘Green’ vendors were selected for housekeeping and maintenance.

The company has a proven track record in green initiatives—and the employee willpower to sustain them. Tripwire was named one of the 100 Best “Green from the Ground Up Companies” by Oregon Business Magazine in June 2009.

Grass Roots Support

More than half of Tripwire’s Oregon-based staff uses company-subsidized transit passes. Tripwire also made sure to provide amenities for bike commuters, including a secure lock-up area and shower facilities. Natural development has followed: an employee bicycle committee that actively encourages and supports self-powered travel.

Green-thinking decisions have earned Tripwire recognition from Portland’s Office of Sustainable Development and clearly illustrate why the company has been named for three consecutive years as one of Oregon’s 100 best places to work.