Code of Conduct

Dear Employee,

For more than a decade, the Tripwire team has built a reputation of excellence. Our reputation as a leading global provider of IT Security and Compliance Automation Solutions is one of our most valuable assets.

We operate in a competitive global market which requires high ethical standards. Conducting business globally can be a challenge for any organization. Tripwire is committed to preserving a culture of integrity and ethics that is worthy of the confidence of our global customers and partners.

To achieve our mission, each Tripwire employee must be committed to Tripwire’s corporate values. Our Code of Business Conduct is our working guide to aid in effectively performing our jobs in a professional and ethical manner. This code is intended to be applied with common sense and in a spirit of supporting the values and principles that are critical to our continuing success. I thank all Tripwire employees for their tireless efforts to maintain our strong brand and reputation in the marketplace.

Jim Johnson
CEO and President

You can report Code of Conduct Violations using the Tripwire Reporting System online at  or by phone at 866-886-1135.

Download Tripwire’s Code of Business Conduct Documentation