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Investigate an Attack, Prove Compliance, Recover from an Outage

Electronic evidence is fragile and can easily be modified. Both external threats and internal ones (sometimes by mistake) can hide, wipe, disguise and destroy it. To stop these individuals in their tracks and prove compliance with regulatory compliancerequirements, you conduct security forensics investigations. In these investigations you extract massive amounts of evidence from servers, networks and systems. You need to combine all this information in ways that quickly show root cause, shorten repair cycles and get the auditor off your back.

Tripwire provides Proactive Cyber Forensics

Security Solution Capability Why Tripwire?
Collects, stores, analyzes and reports on log and event data Tripwire Log Center captures and retains log and event data from all your IT and Security assets—devices, platforms and applications, and more—in a tamper proof manner. This meets compliance requirements, provides an audit trail, and supplies the data to zero in on the cause of a problem.  The Advanced Log Collector for Tripwire Log Center, Powered by the VIA Agent, provides the secure and reliable collection that auditors are looking for as evidence that all logs are being collected.
Supports quick and efficient problem investigation Easy-to-perform correlation rules across your log and event data enables Tripwire Log Center to deliver accurate and comprehensive results. Use these results to pinpoint the problem and contain incidents before damage occurs.
Simplifies creating complex and cross-platform queries Standards-based events classification lets you easily build complex or cross-platform queries and get more complete, accurate results.
Produces focused reports for compliance Tripwire’s integrated solutions provide the reports you need to prove compliance with industry regulations and internal security policies.
Easily compares and contrasts current state with configuration baselines Tripwire Enterprise keeps historical baselines of your critical systems to easily identify what changed, when it changed and who changed it.
Provides a library of audit-ready, actionable dashboards, reports and alerts Tripwire solutions provide numerous out-of-the-box reports that show you the past and present states of your IT systems and can be retrieved easily for compliance evidence.