Harness the Power of Your Integrated Security Controls with Tripwire VIA Components

Tripwire® VIA provides a common platform to manage your security controls and takes advantage of automation to protect data—while reducing costs. But the Tripwire VIA platform is more than that. It supplies security content, context, analytics and workflow components that help you manage and leverage your integrated controls in ways previously not possible.

With Tripwire VIA components you gain immediate protection against the most common vulnerabilities and threats. Manage your monitored IT assets more intuitively, easily and with added business context. Use data from security controls the way you need—to identify root cause, improve incident response or prove that security investments are paying off. Take advantage of workflows to combine controls data in ways that lower risk and protect your infrastructure like never before. With the Tripwire VIA platform, protecting your valuable data and infrastructure just got a whole lot easier, more affordable and effective.


The Tripwire VIA platform includes our market-leading integrated content for security hardening and continuous monitoring to protect your critical data and mitigate risks. Leading enterprise organizations rely on this content to automatically identify and fix weaknesses in their cyber defenses and to detect when someone has tampered with systems. Learn More


The Tripwire VIA platform is designed to turn the massive amounts of data your security controls produce into information you can use to protect your data and infrastructure. It also lets you add business context to your monitored assets. Tripwire VIA identifies and alerts on suspicious and unexpected events and places them in context of your assets, business services and risk profiles. Learn More


The Tripwire VIA platform lets enterprises unlock the power of their data to ensure their infrastructure is protected. Easily use data from controls in dashboards and a variety of analysis and reporting tools, add it to data marts, and correlate data from multiple controls to identify security threats, trends and status. Learn More


The Tripwire VIA platform delivers built-in workflows so you can quickly implement and integrate your critical security controls in ways that turn the data they provide into information that helps you improve security. Tripwire VIA workflow also helps you automate tasks critical for protecting your enterprise. Learn More