Tripwire Donates Cyber Security Analytics Cloud Service to Penn State

Tripwire, today announced a gift of a cloud-based risk and analytics cyber security service to the Center for Cyber Security, Information Privacy and Trust at Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST).  Tripwire selected Penn State for this donation to further the education of future cyber security leaders as well as develop a community of experts that share information and analytics unavailable from other sources. The free service will help address the serious economic and national security issues presented by cyber security risks.

Q: What exactly did Tripwire Donate?

Tripwire donated the software and services that make up the Benchmark Communities.  There are five Benchmark Communities in the following security disciplines: 

  • Vulnerability Management
  • Configuration Auditing
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Patch Management
  • Antivirus and Endpoint Protection

These Benchmark Communities provide transparent analytics that can accurately assess risk and maximize the effectiveness of security and compliance investments.  The new Penn State Benchmark service is designed to deliver security performance metrics, scorecards and analytics that help organizations worldwide do the following:

  • Build risk-based security and compliance management programs based on objective, fact-based metrics
  • Prove that existing security investments and resources are protecting the organization as well as identify areas of weakness that need additional investment
  • Benchmark security performance against internal goals and industry peers
  • Trend risk-based security performance metrics over time.

The grant will also be used by Penn State for additional cyber security research and the development of new metrics.

Q: Why did Tripwire select Penn State?

Penn State's College of IST is a leader in cyber security risk analysis and has been designated a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. The unique, interdisciplinary security and risk analysis programs at Penn State are designed to teach students how to secure systems, evaluate and measure risk, and ensure proper levels of privacy protection. Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) has its roots in understanding the relationships between people, information and technology, and how that relates to security and risk.  Due to the prominence of Penn State worldwide and the mission of IST, we felt they were best suited to serve as a focal point online for any organization to best assess how their IT security solutions were performing.

Q: Why did Tripwire make the donation?

Tripwire’s goal is to provide to the global community an online service that helps organizations fully assess the state of their IT security and demonstrate how they compare to other peer organizations worldwide.  As a leading security company providing some of these fundamental IT security solutions that roll up results into these peer benchmarks we felt that the online service would be far more successful if put in the hands of an independent academic organization who could better collaborate with many third parties and other security product and service companies. Tripwire hopes that students, researchers, faculty, and staff across a diverse set of organizations worldwide will gain significant insight on the current state of IT security. In addition, over time they will discover the interplay between market forces that impact security awareness and the products / methodologies they use to address these security issues.  Overall, we look forward to The Penn State College of IST serving as a focal point for these benchmark results and lead the dialogue to raise community awareness on how levels of IT security and risk correlate to the tools and methodologies used for mitigation.

Q: When does this take effect, and how do customers access the site?

The free Penn State security analytics cloud service is available today to any organization that would like to measure the effectiveness of their IT security investments. For more information and access to security and risk metrics, scorecards, and benchmarks please visit

Q: What does this mean for current Benchmark Community participants?

We encourage Benchmark Community participants to register and sign up for free at  All of the existing Benchmark Communities, metrics and scorecards are available on this site.  We see the Penn State site becoming the focal point for the Benchmark Communities with innovative new metrics and an expanding and growing community of participants. It is important to understand that only the Benchmark results data (owned by Tripwire) has been migrated to  None of the participant accounts, nor any of the participant data has been migrated. It is at the customer discretion to join and contribute data on the new site. Existing user accounts on Tripwire’s Benchmark site will continue to be active. The participants can continue to login, contribute data and view updated results – without doing anything.  However, as the Penn State site grows and gains traction, it is Tripwire’s intention to stop accepting new participants – most likely within the next 90 days.

Q: What does this mean for existing Benchmark Premium customers?

Tripwire customers who have purchased Benchmark Premium account are not affected by this donation.  Tripwire continues to be responsible for our Benchmark Premium customers. These customer will continue to have access to the existing Tripwire Benchmark site, without any disruption to the web access, account login or credentials – nothing has changed. The Tripwire Benchmark site is managed solely by Tripwire – and only Tripwire employees have administration access to the Tripwire site.  

Q: What if a customer has additional questions, who can I contact?

Please contact us at 1.800.TRIPWIRE or email us at

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