Vulnerability Management

ENTERPRISE Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is the current evolution from early vulnerability assessment systems that labored to find vulnerabilities, creating reams of data for IT teams to wade through. Today's threat environment is unimaginably different—with thousands of new vulnerabilities reported annually—the sheer volume of launched attacks demands best-in-class vulnerability management solutions to deliver comprehensive discovery that supports the entire vulnerability management lifecycle.

Up-to-date vulnerability management is critical, especially as the time between vulnerability discovery and the release of an exploit is, in some cases, narrowing to zero. Evolving technology constantly increases attack vectors into enterprises and unmanageable numbers of vulnerabilities and required patches means continuous monitoring and remediation is key to enterprise security.

Tripwire's proactive vulnerability management solutions discover comprehensive endpoint and network intelligence and applies advanced analytics to prioritize vulnerabilities in a meaningful framework- flagging the greatest risks so security teams can make quick, quality decisions within a rapidly changing threat landscape.

The Top Choice for Enterprise Networks

The Tripwire IP360 vulnerability management solution provides unique benefits:

  • Industry-leading application and vulnerability discovery of all network assets for over 83,000 conditions
  • Scalability to the largest networks in the world
  • Integration with existing IT systems for maximum coverage and minimal operational disruption
  • Deployment at customer location, as a cloud-based service, or in combination, for maximum flexibility and value

Exclusive Vulnerability Coverage Guarantee

Tripwire provides the most timely vulnerability intelligence through the company's Vulnerability and Exposure Research Team (VERT), dedicating world-class security and vulnerability researchers, a state-of-the-art lab and unwavering attention to the changing threat environment. Tripwire's VERT identifies emerging vulnerabilities, creating unique detection signatures that are constantly updated in Tripwire vulnerability and risk management solutions- delivering unprecedented vulnerability discovery coverage.

VERT protects Tripwire customers with an exclusive 24-hour Microsoft Security Advisory Service Level Agreement. The Tripwire guarantee: Within 24 hours of a Microsoft advisory, Tripwire IP360 is updated with the signatures to find those vulnerabilities. This guarantee is unique in the industry-only offered by Tripwire to its customers.

Vulnerability Management / Assessment FAQs