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The State of Risk-Based Security 2013

The State of Risk-Based Security Management is an in-depth study conducted by Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Tripwire. The study is designed to reveal how organizations are applying rigor­ous and systematic analytical techniques in order to quantify and evaluate the security risks that impact an organization’s information assets and IT infrastructure.

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The State of Risk-Based Security 2012

Risk-based security management (RBSM) is rapidly gaining acceptance as an essential security practice. But how far along are organizations with it? Ponemon Institute and Tripwire teamed up to explore the state of RBSM. 


The True Cost of Compliance

In 2011 the Ponemon Institute and Tripwire, Inc. conducted this study to determine the full economic impact of compliance activities for a representative sample of 46 multinational organizations. This benchmark study is the first to use empirical data to estimate the full cost of an organization’s compliance efforts, including the cost of non-compliance with laws, regulations and policies.

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