Avoiding Vulnerability Information Overload: How to Prioritize and Respond to Risk

Many Tripwire customers have asked us how Tripwire measures risk.  They have told us that they’ve deployed vulnerability assessment tools that provide a lot of information, but the information provided has not helped them become more effective. These tools provide so much data, with so little context, which results in “information overload,” preventing effective risk management.

In this webcast, the experts at Tripwire will help you learn the difference between Vulnerability Assessment and Vulnerability Management and how to avoid the problem of “TMI.”

Lamar Bailey, the Director of the Vulnerability & Exposure Research team will provide you with a better understanding of:

  • Why is the Tripwire Vulnerability scoring so granular?
  • How do we arrive at those scores  and why not just use CVSS?
  • What do you mean by business context of measuring risk?
  • How will it help us be more efficient managing risk?

Join us for this informative webcast!