Cyber Security Awareness and the SANS 20 CSCs

Federal government agencies are under immense pressure to improve cyber security performance by focusing on compliance and risk management initiatives. These agencies have begun using the SANS 20 Critical Security Controls (CSC) because it provides a framework for implementing continuous diagnostics and mitigation (CDM), sequence IT control implementations, and understand budgets and impacts of these implementations.

Join us for this conversational webinar featuring Jane Holl Lute, the new CEO of the Council on CyberSecurity, as she shares her thoughts on the rapidly evolving world of cyber security.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How the Council on CyberSecurity will be influencing cyber security, the SANS 20 CSC, and how it may affect your organization
  • Suggestions from Jane's experience on threat actors
  • Value your organization may gain from upcoming activities and events involving the Council on CyberSecurity

Jane Holl Lute is the new President and CEO of the Council on CyberSecurity, a private-sector non-profit, most recently having served as the Deputy Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Rod Murchison has been a security strategist and technology leader in the industry for nearly 20 years.