Preparing for PCI DSS v3.0: Advice from the QSA

In this webcast, second of three in our compliance series on PCI DSS 3.0, we will be sharing the QSA's point of view. As a former QSA, and currently an analyst at 451 Research, Adrian Sanabria will share a frank viewpoint of how the new version of Payment Card Industry standard will affect your organization. He will discuss what makes a good QSA and how businesses can find a good one.

We will also cover how version 3 of the PCI DSS will impact your organization's Report on Compliance (ROC), how it will affect the job of the QSA and whether or not it will have a downstream effect on your PCI business partners.

In this webcast you will:

  • Obtain the point of view from the QSA
  • Learn how PCI DSS 3.0 may affect your Report on Compliance
  • Understand the job of a QSA and the qualities of a good QSA
  • Learn how Tripwire solutions can make the job of the QSA and the PCI audit process easier

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