In this video, we hear about a CISO of a large telecommunications organization in Asia Pacific who has the peace of mind of knowing that Tripwire solutions have his infrastructure secured.

  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Region: Asia Pacific
  • Business Problem: Secure infrastructure and detect incidents
  • Solution & Benefit: Provided context to security incidents

This customer also enjoys the fact that Tripwire solutions allow him to integrate with other technologies in his ecosystem. One such solution that he’s able to utilize is the Event Integration Framework.

This specific solution sends Tripwire Enterprise change information to the third-party SIEM to provide additional security context, and filter security incidents down to those that are most relevant and pose the greatest threat to the organization.

If you’re interested in learning more about how this works, you can watch this recorded webcast on how to supercharge your SIEM with change and configuration data.

You can find other customer success stories in this video series:

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