What started out as differing viewpoints between two PCI industry heavyweights, has turned into a chance to advance the industry as a whole and give money to a couple of good causes.

You can read all about it here and listen to the first podcast here. In the meantime, we want to update you on how much money has been raised and who has contributed to this worthwhile cause. As of this morning, $1000 has been raised for our causes, Hackers for Charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Tripwire has agreed to match the first $1000, so the grand total so far is $2000!!

Here is a list of who has pledged to contribute so far:

$100 @WikidSystems – Nick Owen

$100 @LucasErratus – Lucas

$100 @RonGula – Ron Gula

$100 @RitchyR – Ron Ritchey

$100 @augeas_md

$200 @RealGeneKim – Gene Kim

$250 @diami03 – Michelle Klinger

$50 @FranklinTallah

$100 @wynnjoe – Joe Wynn

We are still looking for donations and there is still more of this story to tell. Be sure to check out the Network Security Podcast and stay tuned here for more details on how this all plays out. If you want to donate, you can email Matt Hixson with your pledge: mhixson@tripwire.com or you can pledge on Twitter using the hashtag #PCIhugitout and we will be in contact with you soon.

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