Patch Priority Index for October 2012

Bulletin CVE
APSB12-22 CVE-2012-5248, CVE-2012-5250, CVE_2012-5251  
Oracle October 2012 CPU CVE-2012-3137, CVE-2012-1751, CVE-2012-3132  
Java SE October 2012 Update CVE-2012-5083, CVE-2012-1531, CVE-2012-5086  
OS X Core OS Update CVE-2012-0643, CVE-2012-3718, CVE-2012-3719  
MS12-063 CVE-2012-1529, CVE-2012-2546, CVE-2012-2548  
MS12-064 CVE-2012-0182, CVE-2012-2528  
MS12-062 CVE-2012-2536  
APSB12-16 CVE-2012-1525, CVE-2012-2049, CVE-2012-2050  
MS12-068 CVE-2012-2529  
MS12-066 CVE-2012-2520  

Tripwire's October Patch Priority Index (PPI) brings together the top vulnerabilities from Microsoft, Adobe, and Oracle.

This month sees the entire spectrum of popular desktop software covered. We start with the latest update from Adobe for Flash, and you'll see that further down we've included the latest (albeit older) Reader update as a reminder to ensure your patches are installed. On the Oracle side, we've got brand new updates for Oracle Database, MySQL, Solaris, and Java... so if you're running those make sure you update as soon as possible.

On the OS Update side, we've got the latest OS X update from Apple, as well as a number of Microsoft patches, including the critical Word vulnerability from this month's Patch Tuesday, the Internet Explorer OOB patch, and a couple of other Microsoft updates that we advise patching if they affect your environment.