Patch Priority Index for September 2012

Bulletin CVE
APSB12-19 CVE-2012-4163, CVE-2012-4164, CVE-2012-4165  
Oracle Security Alert CVE-2012-4681, CVE-2012-1682, CVE-2012-0547  
MS12-060 CVE-2012-1856  
MS12-052 CVE-2012-1526, CVE-2012-2521, CVE-2012-2522  
MS12-054 CVE-2012-1850, CVE-2012-1851, CVE-2012-1852  
MS12-058 CVE-2012-1766, CVE-2012-1767, CVE-2012-1768  
MS12-053 CVE-2012-2526  
APSB12-18 CVE-2012-1535  
APSB12-17 CVE-2012-2043, CVE-2012-2044, CVE-2012-2045  
APSB12-16 CVE-2012-1525, CVE-2012-2049, CVE-2012-2050  

Tripwire's September Patch Priority Index (PPI) brings together the top vulnerabilities from Microsoft, Adobe, and Oracle.

There is little change to the Patch Priority Index this month, mostly due to the smaller the usual Microsoft Patch Tuesday. As such, this month we see the same patches as last month combined with two new additions.

The first addition is APSB12-19, the out of band security advisory from Adobe addressing new vulnerabilities affecting Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Air. The second addition, which received quite a bit of press this month and warranted an unscheduled patch release from Oracle, was the new vulnerability affecting Java 7 which caused the release of an Oracle Security Alert that resolves a couple of new CVEs.