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Why Tripwire? Because IT Security is in our DNA

There’s no shortage of IT security solutions to choose from. So what makes them different? For Tripwire, the difference is part of our DNA. We delivered industry-trusted security solutions, starting with file integrity monitoring, long before IT security was a priority. We’ve continued to evolve our products to meet the challenges posed by today’s threat environment. That’s why thousands of customers worldwide rely on Tripwire to protect their critical IT infrastructure and data.

SC Magazine Award for Excellence. Tripwire recognized for Best Enterprise Security Solution

Why Tripwire

Tripwire takes an approach to IT security that’s different. We don’t just collect and store reams of security data. We apply built-in intelligence to it, combine data from multiple security controls, and give you insight into the state of your infrastructure. That lets you take the actions you need to protect your valuable systems and data.

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Our Customers

Almost all executive branch agencies of the U.S. federal government and half the Fortune 500 turn to Tripwire for their IT security and compliance needs. With thousands of customers in nearly 100 countries, there’s a reason why more organizations are turning to Tripwire.

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Tripwire ensures that you get the most value from our solutions through world-class technical and customer support. Our Customer Services packages get you up and running in no time. Our consultants can help you meet specific IT security and compliance needs. And our support services rank among the highest.

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Half the Fortune 500
Use Tripwire

“When we met Tripwire representatives at a business fair, they gave us a demonstration of their solution and we were immediately convinced that Tripwire Enterprise was a perfect match for our needs.”


Ward Dewerchin, Host Services & Data Communication Manager, Tokheim

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