The Tripwire Leadership Team

Dhrupad Trivedi


Mr. Dhrupad Trivedi has been the President of Industrial IT at Tripwire, Inc. since August 28, 2016. Mr. Trivedi has been an Executive Vice President of Industrial IT Solutions at Belden Inc. since April 2013 and Executive Vice President of Network Security Solutions since August 2016. He served as Vice President of Strategy & Corporate Development at Belden Inc. until April 2013 and also served as its Vice President of Business Development. Mr. Trivedi served as President of Trapeze Networks business of Belden Inc. since January 2010. Mr. Trivedi served as Vice President of corporate development at JDS Uniphase Corporation, where he was responsible for mergers and acquisitions and other strategic corporate initiatives. During his 11-year tenure at JDS, he served as Vice President and General Manager of transmission business. Mr. Trivedi holds a BE in engineering from the University of Bombay, an MS and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the Universities of Alabama and Massachusetts respectively and an MBA from Duke University.


David Meltzer

Chief Technology Officer

David began building commercial security products in 1996, in the middle of the eight years it took him to get a B.S. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University. He has a strong entrepreneurial focus, having founded two venture-funded technology companies, and served as Founder, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Executive Officer at both those firms. This included Cambia Security, where he built the software that became Tripwire’s CCM. Cambia was acquired by nCircle, where he continued as Vice President of Engineering and CTO, and he has continued to hold senior leadership positions at Tripwire since its acquisition of nCircle in 2013.

David is laser-focused on innovation. He enjoys taking an idea and working through the entire process required to take it from concept to a commercial product. At Tripwire he has focused his unique talent for building products from soup to nuts on solutions that address the most sophisticated cybersecurity challenges facing the company’s diverse customer base.

David is a home theater nut who admits to researching and buying many new electronic devices that he loses interest in soon after he owns them. His local UPS driver has ranked his house the #1 Amazon delivery destination in his neighborhood. He is a huge Atlanta Hawks fan, but because he spends most of the season going to visit Tripwire customers and speaking at industry events, he misses most of the home games.

David’s early start in programming – he started writing software at age 10 – did come at a cost. He is the least handy person you will ever meet. He once broke a light fixture attempting to change the bulb, and the first and last time he attempted to power wash something, he stripped away all of the wood from his deck.


Ian Williams

Vice President, Human Resources

Ian Williams has 25 years of experience in HR and 15 of those have been in the software industry including stints with CA and Symantec.

Ian believes Tripwire’s culture has the perfect combination of attributes for growth because employees consistently comment on the amazingly talented people they work with and the supportive and caring environment. In his role as head of HR, Ian realizes that no one is perfectly rounded so he focuses on helping people maximize their best qualities.

A Welshman, Ian relocated to the US from the UK 5 years ago. He is very happy in Portland given the fantastic beer and food available at every turn. Ian finds humor in most situations, no matter how difficult they appear. This is fortunate since he also loves traveling, even though he is notoriously bad at navigation. In fact, he has been known to use GPS to get himself home from the office on occasion.