Tripwire Leadership Team

Meet Our Leadership Team

  • Subhajit Bagchi

    Subhajit Bagchi became Tripwire President in 2019 after leading engineering and product operations since 2017. Working with Belden since 2013, he established himself as a transformational business leader through roles including GM of ProSoft Technology and Global VP-Engineering of the Industrial Networking Division. A Silicon Valley professional for over 25 years, Subhajit has worked at the leading edges of technology cycles. He’s inspired by the value of Tripwire cybersecurity controls protecting the world’s leading organizations. He travels extensively to meet customers as he is deeply invested in how our products and services enable them.


    Chief Commercial Officer

    Chris Williams

    Chris Williams has served Belden since 2010, joining Tripwire in 2018 as Chief Commercial Officer, leading global sales, marketing, and professional services. Chris uses his 23 years of industry experience to cultivate Tripwire’s talent, teamwork, and passion for the success of its customers. On the weekends, you can find Chris boating, fishing, snowboarding, and biking—and he knows his way around the kitchen, too. The Apple Macintosh PC first sparked his interest in tech with its simplicity and usability.

Subhajit Bagchi; Chris Williams;
Subhajit Bagchi; Chris Williams;
  • Maria Crawford

    Maria Crawford brings 20 years of experience in security, marketing, and tech to Tripwire. Her tenure has been focused on galvanizing growth through digital transformation, strengthening customer relationships with tailored user experiences, and building a best-in-class marketing team. Outside of the office, Maria’s passionate about women in tech, animal welfare, and is an expert in resisting the urge to own a dozen dachshunds. The first piece of tech that made an impact on Maria was an Apple Macintosh II.

    Vice President of Marketing

    Chief Technology Officer

    David Meltzer

    Dave Meltzer joined Tripwire in 2013 after serving as CTO at Sonicity, Cambia Security and nCircle. Today, he’s responsible for driving Tripwire’s product strategy. Dave’s commitment to excellence doesn’t end at work, as he spends more time reconfiguring his home theater setup than actually using it. The first tech that inspired him was a 1979 Hayes Micromodem II, which connected his PC to hundreds of people online—quite a crowd in the early days of the internet.

Maria Crawford; David Meltzer;
Maria Crawford; David Meltzer;
  • Tim Erlin

    You could say Tim Erlin is the eyes and ears of Tripwire, engaging with customers, prospects, and the market to transform their input into new Tripwire capabilities. Tim leads the strategic product management team that ensures we’re solving the problems customers care about most. Both literati and athlete, Tim studied literature at Boston University and spends his free time playing soccer. Tim’s first tech setup was a setup consisting of an IBM 8086, Procomm Plus, and a 2400 baud modem.

    Vice President of Product Management and Strategy

    Vice President of Engineering

    Andrew Wagner

    Having written plenty of code for Tripwire® Enterprise®, managed its engineering teams, and worked hand-in-hand with its users, Andrew knows a thing or two about helping customers meet their cybersecurity goals. He joined Tripwire as a developer in 2005 and now oversees teams across four countries. Andrew also finds time to coach youth basketball. In the internet’s formative years, Andrew and his friends spent countless hours on text-based bulletin board systems building their own site and programming games for it.

Tim Erlin; Andrew Wagner;
Tim Erlin; Andrew Wagner;
  • Alex Bagwell

    Alex Bagwell brings expertise in supply chain logistics to his role as Tripwire global channel director. He joined Belden in 2010 and Tripwire in 2018, moving from operations to sales and becoming a powerhouse for Tripwire’s partner ecosystem. When he’s not hyper-focused on the channel team’s work cultivating relationships to maximize customer value, you can find him traveling the world perfecting his golf swing. The tech that left an early impression on Alex was a Nintendo 64.

    Vice President, Global Channels

    General Manager of Industrial Cybersecurity

    Kristen Poulos

    Kristen Poulos first joined Belden in 2010 after earning her marketing bachelors followed by an MBA. As Tripwire’s general manager of industrial cybersecurity business, Kristen leads a team responsible for delivering new cybersecurity capabilities to a rapidly-expanding market. She’s proud to be part of Tripwire’s collaborative, cross-functional culture. Kristen’s two Australian shepherds keep her on her toes, and she loves fantasy football. The first tech that caught her eye was her father’s Motorola MicroTAC phone—yes, the world’s first flip phone.

Alex Bagwell; Kristen Poulos;
Alex Bagwell; Kristen Poulos;
  • Stacie Otto

    Stacie Otto joined Tripwire in 2011, bringing over 25 years of experience to her role as VP of Finance and Administration. She drives the reporting and analytics that optimize business decisions and supports sales with customer-focused legal, accounting and order teams. She previously used her finance expertise in fashion, attending runway shows in Paris and Milan. Today, she is passionate about dog rescue and spending time with her three fantastic slightly-used dogs. Stacie’s first big tech impression was made by the number-crunching powers of Microsoft Excel.

    Vice President of Finance

    Vice President of EMEA

    Neil Harvey

    Neil Harvey has been perfecting customer engagement for over 30 years, joining Tripwire in 2015. WIth an electronic engineering background, Neil ensures customer satisfaction through pre- and post-sales functions and continuously improving the channel engagement model. One of his biggest tech innovation memories was the merge of Veritas and NetBackup, a game-changing moment in the storage market. Neil’s five children keep him busy, along with playing golf and watching rugby and “real” football.

Stacie Otto, VP of Finance at Tripwire; Neil Harvey;
Stacie Otto, VP of Finance at Tripwire; Neil Harvey;

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