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Great River Energy

Great River Energy, the second largest power supplier in Minnesota, is a notfor-profit company that generates and transmits electricity to 28 distribution cooperatives in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Those member cooperatives then distribute electricity to more than 645,000 member consumers—or about 1.7 million people. With so many relying on Great River’s service, any disruption, for any reason, can affect a large area. While storms and other weather incidents can certainly be a temporary risk to service, cyberattacks—which are becoming more frequent in critical infrastructure industries—can cause longer-lasting damage. That’s why utilities like Great River Energy are proactively adopting change configuration and compliance solutions to strengthen security across IT systems.


It was time to upgrade and automate our systems to ensure security and compliance. Tripwire helped us meet that goal.
Joseph Vanhoorik, Security Engineer for Great River Energy
Business Need
  • Implement a change and configuration management solution that satisfies financial auditors’ requirements, and that can scale as company expands and provides more services
  • Automate processes for compliance with NERC regulatory standards and meet auditors’ needs for reporting
  • Assure the integrity of security configurations to proactively guard against cyber attacks

Utilities and critical infrastructure companies have long relied on Tripwire Enterprise’s change and configuration management solution for system stability and security, and its File Integrity Manager component is the de-facto standard for detecting suspicious changes to files and configurations. Tripwire® Enterprise’s Policy Manager is a preventive solution that aligns IT configuration with any number of more than 250 different standards and policies—including NERC. It easily manages security settings on physical and virtual servers, directory services, applications, databases, desktops and network devices.

  • Satisfy financial auditors’ need for change and configuration management, and to distinguish between real events and false positives, saving valuable time and resources
  • Automate and prove compliance 365 days a year rather than after a lengthy, twice-a-year manual auditing process
  • Tripwire Enterprise poised to monitor new systems and Tier 1 critical applications thanks to scalable platform
Great River Energy
Industry: Energy
Headcount: 501 - 1,000
Customer Since: 2010
Solutions: Tripwire Enterprise

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