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Idaho Power

Tripwire helps Idaho Power enhance its security and compliance measures

Idaho PowerIdaho Power is a regulated electrical power utility founded in 1915. It buys, sells, generates and transmits electricity to areas of eastern Oregon and Idaho. It had been working with a network of servers requiring manual audits to check for compliance with both the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and internal control needs.

Idaho Power chose Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager (CCM) to address its challenges. Now, it has a solution that:

  • Enables it to provide auditors with timely reports
  • Streamlines communication among its scan engines which monitor registry settings, log files, user accounts and more
  • Provides visibility into every aspect of its environment
  • Reduces drastically the number of staff hours needed to keep its operations secure and compliant

Tripwire is helping power Idaho Power into its future, meeting and exceeding its security and compliance needs.

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