U.S. Cellular

Tripwire IP360 efficiently helps U.S. Cellular protect customers’ data

US CellularU.S. Cellular is the fifth largest cellular carrier in the U.S., serving about 6 million customers. The company needed a fast, effective solution to protect customer data while automating time-consuming compliance requirements. But first and foremost, they were committed to protecting their customers’ data and privacy.

The company needed an enter¬prise vulnerability scanning, reporting and assessment tool that was appliance-based and low maintenance. U.S. Cellular chose Tripwire IP360 to monitor and support its network. According to Matt Haynes, manager of the security architecture group at U.S. Cellular, “The gain is knowledge, pure and simple. You can’t fix what you don’t know you have…. Showing direct evidence of success in reducing risk through our efforts is a big win.”

The company has seen a rapid return on investment, with significant savings over the use of its previous manual audit processes.

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