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Keeping the lights on with Verve and Tripwire Enterprise

Tripwire helps Verve enhance and empower its cybersecurity solutions

Verve Industrial Protection

Verve Industrial Protection is an engineering firm specializing in industrial control systems (ICS), cybersecurity and technical services. With over two decades of experi- ence, the company has built a highly-respected portfolio of solutions and services including several geared specifically toward North American Electric Reliability Company - Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP).

The company has used its knowledge of designing and implementing world-class ICS to create the Verve Security Center, a centralized security suite optimized for control technologies and environments. The company’s “ICS Bus” technology enables cybersecurity workflow, threats and compliance to be monitored and managed across highly diverse systems.

Business Need
  • Develop a cybersecurity solution tailored to protect power generation and transmission systems, distribution facilities, oil and gas, refining, mining and other process manufacturing industries.
  • Accommodate highly diverse legacy infrastructure components (including embedded and fragile endpoint devices) without requiring replacement of existing control system elements
  • Achieve tangible differentiation from solutions created by competition, including many companies ranked in the Global Fortune 100

The Verve Security Center differentiates itself by being designed from the ground-up to work with multiple control platforms. Its unique “plug & play” capabilities enables clients to integrate best-in-class solutions into Verve’s centralized management console. The number one choice for security configuration management—spanning both information and operational domains—is Tripwire® Enterprise.


The decision to integrate Tripwire Enterprise into our flagship product, the Verve Security Center, was a very easy one—most of our clients already have it in their current infrastructure, so it allows us to leverage their current environment. Tripwire is truly pervasive!


Tripwire Enterprise delivers real-time threat detection, security automation and file integrity management. It actively scans environments to provide continuous visibility, and offers system hardening and compliance enforcement. Tripwire Enterprise is highly scalable and provides cost-effective deployment across the most complex environments.

  • Attained unprecedented visibility across the entire asset portfolio— including both IT environments and dedicated operational control systems—utilizing integrated dashboards for security and compliance
  • Obtained competitive differentiation by using best-in-class components, contributing to Verve being the security solution of choice for the industry
  • Achieved optimal implementation efficiency and reliability through Tripwire Enterprise’s stability and ease of integration
  • Elevated confidence levels and speed of execution due to the quality of Tripwire’s technical support organization
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