Leveraging IT Operations Change Controls to Improve Security and Compliance

Whether intentionally or not, today’s organizations subject their IT environments to constant change. The pace of change isn’t slowing, either. Formerly “safe,” proprietary operational technologies used in manufacturing, broadcasting, utilities, and the energy sector have converged with information technology, making them more accessible and vulnerable.

While change can spur an organization’s growth and success, it opens the door for compliance and security issues to creep in. This is especially true in today’s rapidly evolving threat environment with sophisticated attacks and advanced persistent threats—and the increasing likelihood that the intruder is already inside, working against the organization.

What can an organization do? The answer may lie in change management, a practice that IT Operations uses to maintain control and stability of the IT infrastructure by carefully trying to accommodate the changes that the business demands and needs to meet goals and priorities. More specifically, it may lie in applying change detection capabilities within change management.

Download this white paper to learn how leveraging change controls can help keep your organization compliant, secure and available.

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