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Tripwire Apps Announcement

March 31, 2016
To: Tripwire Customers
From: Jeff Simon, Vice President Customer Services


Dear Valued customer,

Based on overwhelming feedback from our customers, we announced last June that we converted seven utilities developed by our professional services team into fully supported products.  We’ve named these tools ‘Tripwire Apps’ and they are designed to enhance and accelerate the overall effectiveness and value of Tripwire solutions.  As a result of this change, we are now able to deliver ongoing enhancements and support for these Apps through official and predictable channels just as you would expect from any other Tripwire product.

Currently we are offering seven Apps:

  • Tripwire Enterprise Integration Framework – Automates direct systems integrations with Service Desk products like ServiceNow, Remedy and Cherwell as well as many others.
  • Event Sender – Sends compliance, scoring, and change data to other systems such as SIEMs and enterprise reporting products.
  • Whitelist Profiler – Matches hardened and secure configurations with user-defined including OS services, installed software, enabled network ports, and active user accounts, alerting on exceptions.
  • Dynamic Software Reconciliation – Reduces workload by identifying known good changes from legitimate patch sources, greatly reducing the effort involved to reconcile these, e.g. Windows Hotfixes.
  • Console Orchestrator – Unifies and streamlines the configuration of multiple Tripwire Enterprise installations, allowing you to establish consistent tags, rules, policies, and reports across different environments.
  • TE Commander – Cross-platform command line interface for Tripwire Enterprise, enabling unlimited integration and workflow possibilities.
  • IP360 Commander – Cross-platform command line interface for Tripwire IP360, enabling unlimited integration and workflow possibilities.

Customers Who Are Interested in Tripwire App functionality

These seven Apps can be purchased individually or together. For more details, the Tripwire Apps datasheet is available here:

Please contact your Tripwire Account Executive for further information, demonstrations, or questions.

Current Customers Using Older Product Extension utilities

Customers who have already taken advantage of these capabilities through our professional services deployments have the opportunity to “grandfather” their older implementations into fully supported solutions and take advantage of ongoing enhancements by purchasing a maintenance agreement. This “grandfather” program will end on July 1, 2016.  After that date, customers who received App capabilities through earlier professional service engagements will need to purchase new App licenses and support in order to receive App support and product upgrades. Please contact your Tripwire Account Executive for more information on this unique grandfathering opportunity.


Tripwire appreciates all of our customers. We hope you will take this opportunity to assess how you can optimize your business applications, accelerate the value of Tripwire Enterprise, and save costs by using Tripwire Apps.  

Best Regards,


Jeff Simon
Vice President, Customer Services