Tripwire Axon: Endpoint Intelligence for IT Ops, Security and Compliance

Learn how a common platform for data collection and communication can enable shared endpoint intelligence across your organization.


Tripwire Enterprise ScreenshotTripwire has set a new standard in how IT Operations, Security and Compliance can work together. The Tripwire Axon™ platform is a bridging technology that can efficiently gather endpoint intelligence across an organization. Tripwire Axon removes the barriers of data silos, network dark zones, endpoint blind spots, and transient devices through its innovative approach to data collection and communication.

Learn how to overcome technology limitations that prevent the successful utilization of endpoint intelligence. See how Tripwire Axon offers:

  • A unified, modular platform providing deep insight
  • Efficient and fast data collection across multiple platforms
  • Resilient and secure data capture for even intermittently connected devices
  • Lean and agile architecture consuming minimal system and network resources

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