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PSN Code of Connection – GPG13

UK Public Sector organizations are mandated to comply with certain regulations and standards before connecting to the Government’s Secure Extranet. CESG (the Information Security arm of GCHQ), and the National Technical Authority for Information Assurance documented 35 Good Practice Guides to help public sector organizations manage risk.

GPG number 13 describes the requirements for good practice and a set of IT controls for the security of Information Technology systems. Specifically, GPG13 describes 12 Protective Monitoring Controls (PMC) which is comprised of tasks such as event log management and use of intrusion detection and prevention systems. Public sector local authorities are required to conform to GPG13 in order to prevent accidental or malicious data loss.

Tripwire has a number of solutions that can assist with the management of logs, real-time breach detection and secure configuration management. Learn how Tripwire can support your efforts to comply with GPG13’s 12 Protective Monitoring Controls (PMC) in a timely manner.

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