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Integrated ICS Compliance Automation with SigmaFlow

An Automated Approach to Validating What’s Approved with what’s Observed


Integrated Compliance Automation with SigmaflowEnergy organizations are required to gather, analyze, validate and document an overwhelming amount of vulnerability and network data about their industrial control systems (ICS) to meet compliance requirements. You can now simplify and automate NERC CIP compliance with SigmaFlow and Tripwire integration.

The SigmaFlow Compliance Manager (CM) is a real-time, evidentiary software solution designed specifically for NERC compliance. It manages all documents, data, work activities and schedules while automatically collecting and building the evidence for NERC compliance in a real-time repository.

The integration between the Tripwire NERC Solution Suite and SigmaFlow provides customers with a consistent approach to the management and maintenance of secure configurations across a wide range of devices, including SCADA, Microsoft Windows and Windows servers.

Download your copy of this brief to learn:

  • How to automate compliance with this integration
  • Common compliance integrated controls
  • The benefits of using an integrated ICS solution
  • 5 critical steps to validate internal controls
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