Continuous Monitoring for Advanced Security

Reduce your security risk through automated, non-stop cyber threat and compliance monitoring. Find vulnerabilities fast.

Security Configuration Management

Security Configuration Management

A foundational, proactive and cost-effective security control, Tripwire® Enterprise can automatically pinpoint and control system configurations across your infrastructure, improving your security posture.
Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

Accurate scanning and identification of vulnerabilities by Tripwire IP360™ uniquely informs your security prioritization so you identify the most important threats—and know which to respond to first.
Log Intelligence

Log and Event Management

Tripwire Log CenterĀ® provides log intelligence that detects attacks and breaches early by correlating Tripwire's foundational security controls, and can incorporate data from your other security systems.

Change-triggered Continuous Configuration Assessment

Continuous, real-time protection with broadest platform and policy support of any SCM solution suite, specially designed for core data center usage Correlate approved changes to changes actually made, providing proof of compliance with IT policies and standards.

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Tripwire solutions work together to fulfill all the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) requirements set forth by the Department of Homeland Security, useful to enterprises and government agencies alike.

Feature & Benefits

Install Update Sensors

  • Discover and profile every asset on your entire network for situation awareness
  • Fast deployment, automated maintenance and rapid return on investment

Automated Search For Flaws

  • Detailed asset profiling enables fully automated detection of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations
  • Extremely low false positive findings to enable better decision making
Continuous Security Monitoring

Collect Results From Departments And Agencies

  • Supports command and control at the agency, department and/or program level
  • Highly scalable solution for comprehensive enterprise coverage

Triage And Analyze Results

  • Identify and prioritize risks based on exploitability of vulnerabilities and configurations along with numerous customer-specific risk drivers such as location, sensitivity, etc.
  • Quickly identify good vs. bad changes across the infrastructure to identify potential threats, increase availability and demonstrate continuous compliance

Fix Worst First

  • Granular risk scoring methodology for every finding drives stack-ranked results for prioritized actions
  • Deep system integrity technology to help differentiate between good and bad change, reduce configuration drift and focus on changes that matter

Report Progress

  • Robust APIs support future integration to CDM dashboard
  • Quantitative results demonstrate progress to executives today by showing results and trends by asset, network, organizational components, C&A systems or other agency groupings

Tripwire has many features which seemed to be needed for us. Tripwire is a solution that can help me in my daily work.

Gerald Egner, IT Manager, The State Mints of Baden-Wuerttember

In just a short time, we were able to increase the overall security posture of the university in being able to detect, stop and disable 'break-in' attempts on our systems and infrastructure.

Nriffith University