Tripwire Industrial Appliance Datasheets

Security Hardware for Visibility and Threat Management


The Tripwire® Industrial Appliance provides industrial organizations with a one-box solution for gaining visibility into their operational technology (OT) networks through a passive asset discovery approach. The solution is embedded with Tripwire Industrial Visibility (license needs to be purchased separately) and offers industrial and enterprise-grade hardware. It will soon offer optional bump-in-the-wire deployment capability designed for sensitive and large industrial environments without network disruption.

Key Benefits:

  • Asset visibility and threat management for industrial networks, even for SCADA applications in remote, hard-to-reach places that need cellular connectivity
  • Ease of deployment—no additional hardware procurement or integration required
  • No risk of network disruption due to hardware bypass preventing packet drops

Part Numbers:

  • TIA-700: Ruggedized, industrial-grade hardware ideal for harsh environments to gain visibility and control of OT networks
  • TIA-2400: Enterprise-grade hardware suitable for asset discovery in large industrial environments

 Tripwire Industrial Appliance 2400V datasheetTripwire Industrial Appliance 700V

Ready to deploy asset visibility and threat management? Download the datasheets to see the specifications and learn more.

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