Our cross-platform and partner ecosystem integration solutions give you complete coverage of security controls.

Security Configuration Management


Tripwire® Enterprise offers the broadest device support of any configuration control solution on the market, from platform to virtual infrastructure to point-of-sale devices. Keep your systems humming with a solution that allows multiple devices to play well together.

Log Intelligence


Tripwire Log Center® offers comprehensive device support for the most popular systems and devices, with data normalization and correlation rules out-of-the-box for rapid integration. Simplify your log and event management while quickly getting up to speed with emerging threats.

Vulnerability Management


Tripwire IP360™ combines integration with existing IT systems for maximum coverage and minimal operational disruption. Integration with Tripwire Log Center provides additional context for an in-depth understanding of your exposure to threats. Get a complete picture of potential gaps in your systems.


Through the Tripwire Technology Alliance Program (TAP) we continuously innovate new joint solutions with our ecosystem partners to ensure the success and satisfaction of our mutual customers. Options include assessments of establishing a partnership from both a market innovation and sales expansion perspective.

Extend your use of Tripwire Enterprise for better, faster, cost effective cyber threat protection and compliance. Tripwire Apps help you achieve a new level of scale and workflow efficiency with your Tripwire Enterprise installation. Visit the Tripwire App Exchange for details.

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Quickly and easily visualize the overall health of your IT environment with Splunk Enterprise.

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Leading-edge Protection for Advanced and Evasive Threats

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Workflow for the exchange of system change and security configuration state information.

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Tripwire has many features which seemed to be needed for us. Tripwire is a solution that can help me in my daily work.

Gerald Egner, IT Manager, The State Mints of Baden-Wuerttember

Compliance and security overlap, but are not the same. Compliance provides standards and procedures for a stable system with security controls, while security identifies and protects from threats and vulnerabilities. We needed a solution that addressed both issues.

Dominick Birolin, Network Engineering & Cyber Security Lead, Essential Power