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Soltra Edge & Tripwire Enterprise

Automated threat monitoring reduces the attack surface. With the integration of Tripwire Enterprise and Soltra Edge you get a solution that connects and automates information security networks using STIX and TAXII.

Soltra Edge takes large amounts of complex threat information across communities, people and devices and analyzes, prioritizes, and routes it to users in real-time.

Tripwire Enterprise leverages this intelligence through automated threat monitoring – automatically downloading Indicators of Compromise or, as they are commonly called, IOCs. These IOCs are automatically downloaded to Tripwire Enterprise where it will search forensics data to see if it is already in the database or something that has never been seen before.

Tripwire will then also start monitoring for this IOC in all new changes. If a threat is detected, you get alerted and can drive remediation based on the properties you have set in Tripwire.

What you get:

  • Support for STIX and TAXII standards.
  • Faster detection and analysis of zero-day and advanced persistent threats (APTs).
  • Automatic, immediate analysis of IOCs, suspicious files and malware.
  • Proactive alerts prioritized by business context and speed response time.
  • Definitive detection of anomalous system and file changes using proven Tripwire change detection technology.
  • Optional automatic adjustment of configuration settings to harden assets against specific threats.