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Tripwire File Analyzer

Automated File Behavior Analysis

Tripwire File Analyzer datasheet ScreenshotTripwire® Enterprise gives you the visibility you need in order to track all file changes on your critical servers so you know exactly where, when, and how all changes occur. You can now extend its capabilities even further and reap the benefits of advanced file analysis to learn the behavior of files and executables using Tripwire File Analyzer. Used in conjunction with Tripwire Enterprise, Tripwire File Analyzer can automatically analyze and report on the behavior of files and executables.

Get detailed behavioral reports on files and executables in minutes, straight from your Tripwire Enterprise console. Tripwire File Analyzer:

  • Offers behavioral visibility into files and executables across all monitored systems
  • Automates time-consuming manual file and executable analysis efforts
  • Delivers immediate notifications within the Tripwire Enterprise console
  • Keeps environments safe using a quarantined sandbox area for analysis
  • Supports all of the same platforms as Tripwire Enterprise
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