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The typical enterprise engages multiple vendors for a variety of solutions in order to build a robust security program, the success of which depends largely on the ability of the security team to integrate the different products to create optimal functionality.

It is advantageous to all parties involved – the vendors, the security team and the enterprise stakeholders – to opt for solutions that make the process of integration smooth and seamless.

Through the Technology Alliance Partner Program (TAP) program, our goal is to continuously innovate new joint solutions with our partners to ensure the success and satisfaction of our mutual customers.

In order to extend the reach and increase market adoption of joint solutions created by Tripwire and its technology alliance partners, we have designed the program in a way that facilitates a wide range of options for the level of investment by each participant.

In this video Eric Cowperthwaite, Rekha Shenoy, Lee Vorthman and Sean Finn explain why technology partnerships between vendors is so vital to the market, and how its the customers who ultimately benefit from solutions that are tailored to work with each other by design in order to provide the greatest level of visibility into their networks.

Eric Cowperthwaite (@e_cowperthwaite) is the Vice President of Advanced Security & Strategy for CORE Security, where he is responsible for providing tactical and strategic leadership product capabilities; market positioning; and strategy and product placement. Prior to CORE Security, as Providence Health & Services’ Chief Security Officer, Cowperthwaite directed security management operations. Throughout his tenure as a security and risk management executive, Cowperthwaite has been honored with multiple awards recognizing his achievements and thought leadership in the industry.

Rekha Shenoy, Tripwire’s Vice President of Corporate Development, brings with her an extensive background leading product management teams to deliver maximum customer value. Prior to Tripwire, Rekha held positions at BMC Software, Inc., in corporate development, product management and marketing for performance management solutions, database tools and mainframe solutions, as well as market research.

Lee Vorthman (@leevorthman) is NetApp’s chief technology officer for federal civilian agencies. Vorthman brings more than sixteen years of expertise to his leadership role, where he is responsible for establishing the technical direction and overall strategy for the company’s customers. Vorthman has also served on the advisory board of the SANS Institute for many years. Prior to NetApp, Vorthman held senior leadership positions at Harris Corporation’s Crucial Security and SAIC, and as an intelligence officer for the U.S. Navy.

Sean Finn is a Global Solutions Architect at Red Seal Networks, where he provides oversight of the effective integration of the RedSeal system, including technical and operational effectiveness. Finn has more than fifteen years of experience working with network systems, network protocols, routing, and network security design, management, and consulting. Prior to RedSeal Networks, Finn served as a technical lead for Avaya and Cisco Systems.


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