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Tripwire’s CTO Dwayne Melançon will participate in a panel of well known security experts at this year’s RSA Conference discussing the growing cybersecurity skills gap that makes recruiting and retaining personnel with the prerequisite expertise increasingly difficult for both the public and private sectors.

Included on the panel are Javvad Malik Senior Analyst, 451 Research; Andy Ellis Chief Security Officer, Akamai Technologies; Jane Lute President and Chief Executive Officer, Council on CyberSecurity; and Mike Assante Director, SANS Institute.

The session will be held Monday, February 24, 2014 from 9:15am – 10:15am PST in Room 3022 (copy to my calendar).

This session will discuss how the evolving threat landscape is altering cybersecurity roles and what essential skills are needed (technical or not) in future leaders. Learn insights from a benchmark study on how cybersecurity academic programs measure up to the demand of new skills and discuss whether we should groom cybersecurity defenders with broad skills or specialize in technical areas.

“These are some of the topics which form debates amongst professionals as to what skills are needed to feed the ever-increasing cyber security workforce,” panel member Javvad Malik noted. “Our expert panel hails from diverse backgrounds, each with their own take on what skills the upcoming workforce should be developing in order to meet the needs of the market.”


Panelist Jane Lute, former DHS Deputy Secretary and current President and CEO of the Council on Cyber Security, noted that reports of significant cybersecurity breaches frequently now lead the evening news, and afflict companies and enterprises of all sizes.

Lute says too much effort is wasted trying to embrace every IT function into cybersecurity when exactly the reverse is needed, as cybersecurity responsibilities must be clearly assigned out for every party in the ecosystem — be they users, SysAdmins, data managers, or security specialists.

“Professionalizing cybersecurity is overdue, and those who say that we must first wait until the field stabilizes are far off the mark,” Lute said.

“The fact of the matter is, this country does not yet have, in the number it needs, cybersecurity specialists with the most sophisticated skills and capabilities, and this situation must change quickly and in a way that allows all of us to have confidence in the skills and competencies of professionals in this field.”


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