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The Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2009 with the mission to support the U.S. government and military as well as private commercial stakeholders and their international partners by providing leading edge cyberdefense guidance and security solutions through collaboration, education, volunteer work and advanced skills training.

CSFI is now comprised of a thriving community with more than 30,000 cybersecurity and cyberwarfare professionals from all divisions of the government, military, the private sector and academia, and Tripwire recently announced they have joined CSFI as a Gold Sponsor.

“As an industry leader in risk-based security, Tripwire is a perfect partner for CSFI,” said retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Harold “Punch” Moulton, advisory director for CSFI. “Their products and services provide a superb complement to the broad community participation and collaboration of CSFI. Tripwire’s people, products, services and teamwork help advance the security environment with real solutions.”

CSFIs mission also includes providing guidance on the protection of critical infrastructure against foreign and domestic threats by promoting an open working relationship between universities, the government and the information security industry.

“We are honored to have Tripwire become a Gold Sponsor in support of CSFI’s mission and vision,” said Paul de Souza, president and founder of CSFI. “Tripwire has a long history of innovation in continuous diagnostics and mitigation solutions. This partnership shows the commitment of both CSFI and Tripwire to a safer cyberspace through collaboration, knowledge sharing and integration of capabilities.

In the following video, de Souza explains more about CSFI’s contributions:


CSFI also strives to serve as an enabler and a conduit for supporting international endeavors to help guarantee the cyber freedoms of the United States of America and its allies by focusing efforts on helping secure critical networks through education and volunteer work.

“Partnering with CSFI was an easy decision, and we are especially impressed with their dedication to defending our national cyberspace as well as their unparalleled support for cybersecurity education,” said John Klein, federal sales director for Tripwire. “CSFI’s vision for providing a public-private partnership aligns well with Tripwire’s commitment to service-oriented initiatives for the public. We are proud to officially announce our support for their mission.”

In this next video, Lt. Col. Mark Coffin – Cyber Branch Lead for U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) and one of the administrators for CSFI operations – explains more about what CSFI does and who should lend their expertise:


Tripwire’s broad array of technical security controls, whcih include security configuration management, vulnerability management, file integrity monitoring, log management and security event management, align well with CSFI’s objectives, as they deliver visibility, business context and security intelligence to help organizations protect sensitive networks and data, the very core of CSFIs mission.

“Relationships matter, and CSFI is proud to announce that Tripwire has become a Gold Sponsor,” said retired Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Paul M. Lee, advisory director for CSFI. “This partnership promises to bring fresh perspectives and insights toward a safer cyberspace. Our collaboration will lead to the discovery of numerous ways in which we can adapt tools, leverage personnel skills and implement ideas in infinite and intimate detail, enabling enterprises to better protect sensitive data and assets.”


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