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The biggest buzz at the 2013 RSA Conference in San Francisco was the recently released Mandiant report which opened up everyone’s eyes to the reality of industrial espionage.

“[As a result of this report] we realized we’ve been spending too much money and effort on prevention products and we really need to be spending a lot more time on our detection and response capabilities,” said Andrew Jaquith (@arj), CTO of SilverSky. The report was able to put an actual name, face, and location on this mammoth espionage practice. Jaquith sees the report as a sea change in how we’re protecting ourselves.

Toxic data and secrets: The only data we have to protect

One area of protection concern is in data loss prevention, or DLP. Email is sadly our universal knowledge management system. The problem is this highly insecure communications system contains both toxic data (sensitive information that’s regulated and often appears in spreadsheets) and secrets (the intellectual property of your business). According to Gartner, five percent of all corporate email contains either toxic data or secrets, explained Jaquith.

DLP tools can weed through all that noise to find that five percent of signal. For more on this topic, read Jaquith’s post “Protect Your Email with Data Loss Prevention.”


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