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Tripwire has released findings from a survey examining security technology trends in the federal government that was conducted by Dimensional Research between September 26 and October 4, 2013, which evaluated the attitudes of 110 federal information technology respondents from military, intelligence, and civilian sectors.

When respondents were asked to rank the challenges they face implementing a continuous diagnostics and mitigation (CDM) program:

  • 50 percent said budget was the biggest challenge
  • 33 percent said bureaucratic barriers were the biggest challenge
  • 10 percent identified insufficient technology as a challenge
  • 7 percent said inadequate business processes were the biggest challenge

“Although budget is clearly still a significant issue, bureaucratic barriers are also a key challenge for CDM programs. We’ve seen otherwise promising CDM programs stall out or go up in flames due to lack of cooperation across the organization — often because those being monitored don’t always appreciate the increased transparency,” said Keren Cummins, director of federal market business development for Tripwire.

“These barriers can become intractable without effective leadership at the CIO and CISO level, especially if the CDM solution selected is perceived as disruptive or overly intrusive.”

Lack of effective leadership extends beyond the private sector and is more than evident when it comes to the federal government and their efforts to establish themselves as an innovator in network security advancements, leaving critical assets at risk.

“This is affecting the nation’s cybersecurity,” said Rekha Shenoy, Tripwire’s Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Development. “At a time when the Federal Government is actually becoming the thought leader around how to effectively build a risk mitigation strategy for cybersecurity, it is painfully obvious that the ‘tone at the top’ and the budgets that follow are the biggest roadblock to protecting our critical infrastructure.”

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