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Even though we know we can’t build a 100% preventative security practice, we still build our security systems in the hopes of creating complete preventative security.

“’Just in time’ security is about bringing the right amount of security at the right time and admitting to ourselves that we’re not going to find everything. But when bad things happen, being able to detect it and respond quickly,” said Jeremiah Grossman (@jeremiahg), CTO and Founder of WhiteHat Security in our conversation at the 2013 RSA Conference in San Francisco.

Just in time is also more economical. You know you’re going to have a certain amount of loss but you’ve set your detection systems up to minimize losses and the severity of any one incident so it’s survivable by the business, said Grossman.

A good example is fraud monitoring. Instead of authenticating the user, you authenticate and score the transaction. The transaction is where the business operates. So if someone steals a username and password, the business can survive that. What will hopefully be caught is their behavior of logging in from a strange place and conducting a strange transaction, said Grossman.


Image of stopwatch courtesy of Shutterstock