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Dmitri Alperovitch (@DmitriCyber) is the Co-Founder and CTO at CrowdStrike, and is leads the company’s Intelligence, Research and Engineering teams, and previously was the Vice President of Threat Research for McAfee, where he spearheaded global Internet threat intelligence analysis.

A well recognized security researcher and thought-leader on policies and state tradecraft, Alperovitch is also an avid inventor, with ten patented technologies and sixteen patent-pending.

Alperovitch is credited with leading the team that uncovered the headline-making cyberespionage operations known as Operation Aurora, Night Dragon, and Shady RAT.

Alperovitch discussed with us the application of offensive security and active defense, which often mischaracterized in the press as tactics of “hacking back,” which he says is not the case at all.

The key to these strategies is their ability to defend against the determined attacker who may be targeting a particular organization over a long period of time..

“We started thinking about this new concept of active defense, and it’s really all about how do you raise the cost and risk to the adversary, how do you use detection capabilities that are focused on trade craft as opposed to specific indicators to find the attacker,” Alperovitch said…


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